Dear Team and Supporters,

On Monday, 20th May, we played a home match against Husum. Despite our best efforts and determination, we were unable to secure a victory this time.

We are excited to announce that KIF has been strengthened with more new players. We had the pleasure of seeing four debut players take the field for this match: Mahesh Kumar, SivaKumar, Ranganatha, and Rehaan. Each of them showed great potential and contributed significantly to the team's performance.

Kolding Team batted first and set a target of 175 runs. Despite losing some quick wickets early on, Shahid scored 19 runs, while Bharat and Andreas made significant contributions with 43 and 30 runs respectively. Our debut players also made a strong impression: Ranga scored 13 runs, and Mahesh added 17.

Key partnerships were crucial in building our total. Ranga and Bharat put together 39 runs, Bharat and Andreas added another 43 runs, and the partnership between Mahesh and Andreas contributed 39 runs. These collaborations were instrumental in reaching our target of 175.

Our bowling started well, with SivaKumar taking a wicket in the first over, and Shahid securing the second wicket when Husum were at 39 runs. It wasn't our day with catching we dropped 11 catches causing us a pushback of losing the match. Mohit took two quick wickets in the 20th over, giving us hope of getting back into the game. However, the damage had already been done with those dropped catches, and the Husum team secured a win. Abdulrahman from Husum scored 73 runs, causing us extra pain after we dropped his catches six times.

As the saying goes, "Catches win matches." We need to focus on improving our fielding and catching through dedicated practice sessions.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. We appreciate your continued encouragement and look forward to our next match with optimism and renewed energy.

Best regards,  
Santosh Kumar Pannala 
Kolding Division 4 (Captain)

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